‘The Masked Singer’: ET Is Live Blogging Week 3!

We also got the chance to find out the secret identity of another one of the performers when The Pineapple was unmasked and revealed to be comedian Tommy Chong! The Up in Smoke star joined Antonio Brown on the list of unmasked competitors after the NFL pro was revealed at the conclusion of the show’s premiere episode.

The fun kicks off at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, and you can watch along with ET as we keep you updated with all the best, weirdest and most baffling moments from the third heated week of the wild competition.

The Lion — New Clues!

6:05 PM:

– Activism signs (like #CageFree and #FreePride) (Is she a political activist?)

– Footage of women’s suffrage protests.

-“I tell my pride, ‘You have to be strong and stand up for what you believe in.”

-Holds up a newspaper with the headline “Gold Found in Hailey”

Joel McHale Is Already the Best

6:04 PM:

Joel’s first words on the panel perfect sum up everything we feel about this show. “I already feel like I’m on drugs.”

Tonight’s Line-Up

6:02 PM:

The Lion, The Deer, The Peacock, The  Unicorn and The Monster are all facing off!

We’ve got our line-up, we’ve got our special judge and we’re off and running on this week’s hour of detective work!

New Clues In Store?

5:59 PM:

With only 10 singers left on the show (and the format of The Masked Singer being rather bizarre) it’s hard to tell what we can expect going forward.

More face-to-face battles? More clues? Maybe more than one reveal per episode? It’s actually exciting just to see how the format of the show develops as more and more masks come off!

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